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A clinical and spiritual approach to Ibogaine treatment offers a rare opportunity for effective and lasting substance detox, even for those who have struggled with addiction most of their life.

About Ibogaine

Healing Center

Western detox treatment facilities focus primarily on the physical detoxification of substances. Ibogaine Healing Center focuses on both the body and mind. We have mastered the craft of administering ibogaine safely medically and the practices, tools and environment to truly reconnect with yourself. We work with many different healing tools and medicines through the treatment. 

But beyond the physical component, a critical piece of detoxification is left unmet.

Although physical detoxification is a primary step in healing from addiction, underneath of that, important questions must be addressed in order to facilitate lasting sobriety. ‘Why did the pattern of addiction arise in the first place? What core issues, traumas, or unmet needs — many of them stemming from the early years of life — initiated patterns of addiction, distraction, or numbing?

Why Choose Ibogaine

Ibogaine benefits

Ibogaine heals all aspects of addiction

Healing the mind

Ibogaine cleanses the mind and the habits we create through substance abuse. This ability to rewire the mind is important for full healing.

Detox the body

Ibogaine cleanses the body and quickly removes drugs in the body quickly. While doing this it also heals the physical brain and replenishes it back to baseline which removes cravings and takes us back to our natural state.

Healing the Brain

Ibogaine cleanses the brain and can help you rewire you pathways without the lingering depression. This ability to rewire the brain is necessary for a full recovery. Ibogaine resets the brain back to a pre-addicted state

Reconnect the Soul

Ibogaine brings the mind, body and soul back into unison. We need all three working together for a balanced life. Even if you are not a spiritual person it still works.



Why is Ibogaine is such an effective way to target addiction? First, it accesses the Western model of physical detox, albeit more rapidly and thoroughly. Ibogaine also works to change habits and the mind. Ibogaine has been shown to release Glial cell Derived Neurotrophic Factor (GDNF). Another study shows that Ibogaine has the ability to rewire neuropathways in the brain to a pre-addicted state, and cleanse the body of substances more rapidly. Ibogaine has been shown to provide an estimated 70-95 percent reduction in physical withdrawal symptoms, while simultaneously alleviating cravings for months post-treatment.

How Ibogaine Works

Block withdrawal symptoms

Sneezing, shaking, RLS are all alleviated in a short amount of time after taking ibogaine.

a deep healing journey

We know that in order to truly overcome withdrawal we need a shift in our mind, body and soul. Ibogaine provides a deep journey into oneself to learn why we have to escape with drugs in the first place.

Eliminate PAWS

Ibogaine will eliminate post acute withdrawal symptoms such as depression and anxiety. Without ibogaine is takes the brain a long time to repair itself back to its normal state.

Combination of a

safe physical detox

The combination of a safe physical detox, as well as the ability to address and heal from the root cause of addictive patterns, is what leads to lasting freedom from substance abuse. A solely physical detoxification leaves core wounds unaddressed — leaving a person susceptible to those same wounds festering in the future, and significantly increasing the likelihood they will return to addictive behaviors.

But when core wounds are addressed in the same setting as a person’s physical detoxification, it becomes possible to move forward without attachment to old patterns, with a true opportunity — once-in-a-lifetime for so many who have undergone Ibogaine treatment — to truly start fresh and begin the best phase in life yet.


Safety is always the first priority in our sessions. Our property is located just 20 minutes from the nearest hospital, and all sessions include a bwiti initiated provider, 24-hour on-site nurse to monitor clients’ progress and ensure their well-being. Additionally, a fully licensed medical doctor with ICU experience and psychiatric background is on-site 24×7 to conduct check-ups with all guests upon arrival, and necessary emergency equipment is in-house and operational and at all times.

Located in the lush tropical paradise of Costa Rica’s southern region, our facility is situated on serene private jungle, surrounded by rivers, creeks, fruit, shade trees, in-ground swimming pool and waterfall. The beauty of this natural setting allows guests to settle comfortably into their healing experience. Private rooms are set inside a large hacienda home, and live-in staff are available 24/7 to offer guidance, support, and to address any and all needs that arise.

Our Session

Our sessions have been developed and improved over the last decade to support optimal healing. A maximum of two clients are booked in for each session to ensure each guest receives substantive individual attention. Most ibogaine programs are 5-7 days. IHC offers 10, 14 and 21 day programs at a comparable rate.

Instead of administering Ibogaine only once — a schedule maintained by many other Ibogaine clinics — our guests receive up to two separate Ibogaine and iboga sessions, combined with other healing arts and including other plant medicines.

Experience has shown us that after one session, a person may still feel light withdrawal symptoms, and many core wounds are still unaddressed. Our program length and variety greatly increases the odds for success in post-treatment sobriety.

All of our staff including our doctors and nurses have worked with ibogaine and iboga. We live the medicine and don’t approach this work as solely a clinical procedure. We know working with indigenous traditions and modern medicine we are able to treat the whole human.

Case Studies

One study found that a single treatment with Ibogaine is able to drastically reduce withdrawal symptoms in opiate addicts, while diminishing or completely eradicating cravings for months following treatment.

In line with Ibogaine Healing Center’s practice of offering at least two Ibogaine / Iboga sessions during a retreat, this study conducted by Edurado Schenberg et. al concludes,  “Participants treated with Ibogaine only once reported abstinence for a median of 5.5 months and those treated multiple times stayed clean even longer,” many never went back to using. This increase is very significant. Multiple treatments led to longer abstinence periods than just one Ibogaine session.