Ibogaine Healing Center, Costa Rica

Ibogaine Testimonials

Our clinical / spiritual approach to Ibogaine offers a rare opportunity for effective and lasting change.



A person’s physical substance withdrawal symptoms begin to dissipate around 45 minutes after ingesting Ibogaine. The body begins to recalibrate and reset itself, so that the visionary, or dream-like, portion of the experience will not be experienced alongside active withdrawal symptoms.
The initial phase of an Ibogaine experience is widely known as the visionary stage. It is different for every person — some may experience closed-eye visions that relate deeply to their life experiences, some see images that have no relevance or meaning to their life whatsoever, and others may experience no visions at all.

Once the visionary portion of the experience, which is the most intense phase, subsides, the processing phase begins. This is the point in time where a person can assess their mental state, and attach more meaning to aspects that were present during the visionary stage. Generally, this is when a person is able to review their past traumas, patterns and behaviors from an interesting new vantage point — objectively. With no story attached, but as a third-party observer.